SMS Integration
We also provide the SMS service. To enable your SMS account, you need to buy the SMS credits separately from us. For more details  contact us .
The client also can purchase the SMS pack from the SMS service providers directly and the API details can be configured in the system (it is allowed only if the Service Providers SMS API is already integrated with us).
So that the “campus galaxy” will use the configured API details and credentials to trigger the SMS.
Third Party Devices
The client shall purchase any of additional devices or hardware needed in addition to support third-party integrations, subject to the feature availability in the product and the edition subscribed by the client.
Example: Barcode readers, Bio-metric, GPS, etc
The CS team will provide the product training and implementation steps along with comprehensive documentation through webex.
The CS will provide the complete self implementation documentation and CS-implementation team will assist the client at the time of implementation through remotely (webex). The client need to reserve a slot with CS-implementation team to work closely and to configure the system or can write an email to get the assistance over email.
On-premise resource availability is not covered in this scope and for such requirements, need to work the commercials separately.
Note: The above said methods are common for all types of editions of the product.
The CS will provide the comprehensive documentation for implementation manuals, user manuals along with FAQ’s.
The client can also pull the help of each screen while using the application (on-screen help).
Note: The above said are common for all types of editions of the product.
The “silver” support is included in the base price of the license per unit. The silver support will be provided by CS-support team during Monday to Friday between 9AM to 5PM on all working days (In other words, the support will not be available on declared holidays).
All the communications to support team will be over emails and resolution time will be maximum of 48 hours.
This in-built support feature is common for all types of editions provided by the product.
If the client need priority support to meet their specific needs, then it should be worked separately under separate commercials and it is not part of the base license price per unit.