Campus IT Solutions
Campus IT Solutions Private Limited is a Hyderabad based IT company, serving a wide range of customers worldwide.  Campus IT Solutions providing educational ERP solution (campus galaxy) for educational institutions to meet their diverse functional areas over the cloud or on-premise model.
We help customers with their software needs, provide innovative solutions including managed services to reduce costs and also license software, implement and support as per customer needs.
Our Vision
Provide the “robust” IT solution for a complete “Education ERP” as a “one-stop solution” to the educational institutions over the cloud (internet) at cost effective, high quality with innovative ideas and services.
Reducing of man-power, person depended intelligence, cost.
Better utilization of system driven intelligence to improve the “ROI”.
Better communications and relations with various stakeholders of the institution.
To enhance the productivity and increase the opportunities for all stakeholders in an educational institution that saves huge amount of money, paper and time, without any confusions and with up-to-date information.
Our Values
Total customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and involvement.
Constantly and consistently deliver products and services of the best quality.
Keep continuously strive for innovation while keeping in step with latest technology and methodology.
Feature wise various flavors are supported (Essentials, Standard, Standard Plus, Ultimate), hence “choose-as-you-grow” and “pay-as-you-use”.