Why should we take “campus galaxy”?
Campus galaxy provides the “robust” solution for a complete “Education ERP” to the customers over the cloud (On-demand) at low cost or perpetual (On-premise).
It is easy manageable and accessible to manage all complex tasks of your school or college. This ERP suite helps an institute to meet all your administrative and academic tasks and quick return on investment.
What is a Organization?
Under an “Educational Society” (Tenant), there could be multiple organizations operated, like “School” (Pre-School, High School), “College” (Intermediate, Degree, Engineering, Management, Medical) etc.
If an educational society is operating ABC International School, ABC Techno School, ABC Junior College, ABC Engineering College, in these cases all the above would be treated as separate organizations and can be configurable as many as needed in “campus galaxy”.
What is a Branch?
Branch is nothing but where the school or college is operating geographically.
Who can access the application?
Management, administrative staff, Faculty, students and parents will have access to the application over the portal with limited access controlled by Roles,and Transaction Control.
Do I need internet connection to use “campus galaxy”?
Yes, if you choose our cloud Service Plan then you must have an internet connection to use "campus galaxy".
What is on-demand?
On-demand software application is sometimes called as “software-as-a-service”, which is web-based software or hosted software.
SaaS is a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management.
What is perpetual?
A perpetual license is a license that is paid once and does not need to be renewed annually. Customer can opt for AMC (annual maintenance) which need to be renewed on yearly basis.
The software upgrades and application support are part of AMC. Without a valid AMC, the software upgrades and support will not be provided.
How secure of our data in “campus galaxy”?
"campus galaxy" is highly secured and hosted at data-centre which is accessible over browser. Users are restricted to access the application by role, transaction level and field level control.
Can I export the reports to excel or PDF?
Yes, you can export to Excel, CSV (comma-separated), PDF and Word.
Do I need my own hosting server?
No, if you choose "on-demand". We have hosted the server at data-centre. There is no need for you to setup your own server.
Yes, if you choose "on-premise". You have to buy your own servers and maintained by your IT team.